“The result is Swim to That, a thirteen-track powerhouse of a debut album. It’s clear the band’s songwriting has matured in nearly every way on these tracks, both musically and lyrically.”
— Casey Gallenberger from Oshkosh Independent
Cold Soda Club are a Wisconsin band you should definitely keep your eyes and ears on. They deliver this type of pop I haven’t heard in a long time, it’s this fun, upbeat vibe that reminds me of some of the bands from the 90s. I love it!
— Darcel from Music Is My Life Blog

Cold Soda Club is already making a name for themselves on a local level, but with a full summer of shows on the docket already, we can expect them to make a significant splash this year.
— Allen Halas from Breaking and Entering Blog

Aside from being an inside joke between the band, Cold Soda Club wanted the name of it’s new EP, named “Passing Greenbush” to symbolize them moving forward as a group.
“We feel that the phrase ‘passing Greenbush’ represents how we have moved forward as a band,” Damkot said. “To me, the EP represents our band’s collective personality.”
— Advance Titan

This month, the band released an EP titled Passing Greenbush. This originated when Maxon was asked how far away he was arriving to a show and his response was “Passing Greenbush.”
— MySheboygan