Cold Soda Club is:

Tyler Maxon - vocals

Trevor Damkot - guitar

Matt Theobald - bass

Lucas Goebel - drums 

We’ve tried to write a formal biography many times and they all turn out terrible, so here’s us just talking about us. We’re the Cold Soda Club from Sheboygan, Wisconsin. If you were to put us into a specific genre it’d probably be alternative rock, but we enjoy making all types of music. This is because we draw influences from not only alternative rock, but also blues, classic rock, jazz,  funk, and pop. We are four guys who met in high school that somehow ended up in one place with one common interest.

The core duo of Matt Theobald and Trevor Damkot formed early in high school, later adding Lucas Goebel to hop behind the drums. Finally, in the summer of 2015, Cold Soda Club (at that time known as "The Inventors") claimed vocalist and frontman Tyler Maxon off of waivers. This quartet has been hitting the road in mom vans ever since, performing and entertaining crowds of every kind.

When we first formed the Cold Soda Club, we could never decide on which covers to jam to because we all liked so many different kinds of music. We decided the only way to incorporate all of our musical tastes was to create our own music, bringing in the musical personalities of all members. This is what gives Cold Soda Club our sound. We also enjoy bringing our personalities to the stage so people can really see who we are and how poor our dance moves are. While the dance moves may be poor, one thing that we pride ourselves on that will hopefully make you remember our unique name is our energetic stage presence. We've been together for a long while, but we've always considered a strong stage presence to be crucial, in addition to good music, of course.

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